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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

such a big boy...and girl!

Max is potty trained! or me and Chad are! we decided Friday no more help (enema) with the little man…that he was going to learn how to push…so on Friday night as he was walking around like he had something up his butt and kissing me and chad…this means he was nervous….we urge him to go push…he of course says… well yells NOOOO…then he disappears to the back of the house and we hear him go into the bathroom and play with the toilet and talk to himself…about an hour later I say only you can do this Max…only you can release the poop into the potty! So he tells me to go away and give him privacy…about 2 minutes later we him grunting very loudly and then him running yelling I pooped…I pooped! And from that point on he has been pooping in the potty! So again Maximus showed us how he was going to do it! I am just thankful he did:} Maddie is getting on all fours and rocking back and forth (hitching)…she is becoming such a big girl this week she grew out of her nursing pillow and is taking on the whole bed for sleep! She is learning to sleep on her tummy and is singing her way through it! Such a pretty voice at 3 am!

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