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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


the principal where Max will be attending is a RoCKsTaR…she pulled the teacher aside and asked if she had done the “gesture” she said yes with out even blinking an eye…she said that she does it sometimes to the assistant in her room…so the principal asked why…she replied when we do dumb things…the principal said is that what that means? She said well you know…she said no I do not know…and handed her the email I sent her describing my feelings…the teacher began to cry and said her nephew was born with Down Syndrome…that she had never thought of this that way…the principal asked if she would have done this in front of him…she said she did not know if she had…she then began to cry again and wants to sit down and apologize to me and Chad…really she needs to say sorry to Maddie…but that will be in my conversation with her…the principal made GREAT points with her and really used it as a teachable moment…kudos to her…today my little 4 year old daycare girl said that her teacher said sorry to the whole class for the "gesture" and did not mean to hurt people with Down Syndrome…it is a start a good start...now the school needs to take the pledge and help stomp out the “r” word and gesture! We are sitting down with the teacher this week…we are looking forward to it…and so it begins…our fight for our little girl and others that need a voice…uncomfortable, scary and sad…but on the other hand...rewarding, powerful and the right (only)thing to do…


  1. YES!!! What an awesome story! I cannot imagine a better ending, er, beginning actually!

  2. Wow, just WOW!!! (and you're a rockstar too!)

  3. I am soooo proud of you! That's so awesome. Tears of happiness and satisfaction for the start of some real justice for your little sweetie and others like her. I still can't get over a teacher doing that, but I guess her limp hand days are over.

  4. I can't imagine an adult, a teacher none-the-less, making that gesture. Way to stick up for our kiddos. I'm glad she was talked to and I hope she learned something and maybe will mature a little from it.

  5. Right ON!!! I am so happy that this is the process that has taken place! You did great, K! You should be very proud of yourself! Imagine how Max will be impacted by this when he sees his mommy advocate for not only his sister, but for many people! Yay! What a wonderful update!♥

    I just wanted to answer your questions on my last post: Terry and I know that Gabe had acid reflux since infancy. After his heart surgery, he was finally given meds for it and once he began to be more mobile, he was taken off the Zantac.

    It was always assumed that he would grow out of the "spit up" but lately he has what I could definitely call vomits, and not only spit up. He is now able to complain of a "pain" which he points to as being in the lower chest, closer to the top of the stomach.

    It's taken this long for a simple barium test because no one (including ourselves) proactively asked for more to be done. Now I'm a little worried that he's experiencing unnecessary aggravation and pain. But we won't know for sure until we get today's test results. I'll keep you updated.

    When Gabe was a baby, we propped him for his bottle always. He was a back sleeper and would not stay supported on a slant for long and that was really hard. I don't know if Maddie will tolerate it, but I used my pregnancy wedge to get Gabe's head and upper body up and slanted. You might want to try with Maddie, if you haven't already.

    I truly believe that low core muscle tone wreaked much havoc for Gabe and looking back I would have been more proactive to build that set of muscles, especially to help ease digestion.


    Hugs for such a special day today! YOU DID GREAT!♥