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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Little Girlz...Lily

I remember sitting in the doctors office on one of my many visits…and wanting to announce that none of the people in that room needed to get tested for having a baby with Down Syndrome…I wanted to shout I am the 1 in 875…and I was pissed…and sad…and scared…I remember listening to the conversations around me and thinking about how stupid they sounded…and naive…and selfish…that they were annoyed that they were over due…that they were uncomfortable…uncomfortable…uncomfortable is being and carrying 39 weeks of fluid around for 5 months and being drained of fluid every month…that is uncomfortable…I remember watching the young couples all on there cell phones and thinking they have not a clue…what a judgmental person I am….then today I met Lily…a girl (Grace) around 12 years old approached Chad and asked…does she have Down Syndrome? I could not believe it…someone noticed…I did not think Maddie looked Ds today! and to be noticed by a child…wow! Chad responded yes! She said my sister(Lily) has Down Syndrome…I saw Lily earlier that day playing with the other children…I wanted to follow her and watch her closely but I just observed her from a far...and took it all in…then I heard the big girl ask if she could hold Maddie…Chad said yes…I could not believe it I am A LOT over protective…so I went into where they were at…and there she was a little girl that was 6 years old with Down Syndrome …I was nervous and did not know what to do…should I talk to her…should I grab my baby from this strange little girl…I was very confused and was going to panic…and then…lily said to Chad will you tie my shoe? and then she looked at me and grabbed my hand…I could not believe it…I was touching a little girl with Down Syndrome…and she is nice…and sweet and I wanted to cry…I know this sounds crazy…but I have never talked with…let alone touched another person with Down Syndrome…she did not bite me and I did not crack…she simply grabbed my hand and told me where to stand so the light could capture my shadow…and then it was done…she sat on a stool and said to me…sit here and pointed to her lap…I said I am to big to sit on you! She just smiled…the next thing I knew she was playing with Max in the playhouse and I was talking with her dad…and he just asked how are you adjusting? It was nice to be able to respond truthfully and without judgment…tonight I will go to sleep…ok and change forever by a little girl named Lily…


  1. Found your blog from "Class of 2008". Your daughter is adorable. I have an 8 month old daughter with DS (http://livinglifewithes.blogspot.com) named Emily. I remember having the same feelings the first time I met someone with DS - I had never ever met someone with DS until after my daughter was born.

  2. What an awesome experience. Lily was sent to you at the right time for the right reason... maybe to open your heart a little wider. The first person I ever met/touched w/ Ds after John Michael was born was a 10 year old boy who shook my hand and said "Please to meet you." He didn't bite or act strange. He was very sweet. You should've seen his smile. Thank you for reminding me about him. I think I'll post about that. What the mom said after that is what horrified me... but I'll save that for my post LOL.

  3. Thanks for sharing Kim- great story!

  4. What a beautiful story! A lot of people did not know by looking at my son that he had DS, but those that knew were usually those already blessed by someone (usually family members) that have DS. Early on, I began to look at it as a positive thing when approached and asked if my son had DS because it was almost like a "secret" bonding. Something that told me that everything in my life is great. Thanks for sharing!