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Sunday, February 7, 2010

thanks blog...

The other day talking with my favorite brother (only brother)…let me begin that he is ALWAYS honest with me to a default…and I love that about him…he is a very important opinion in my life…and when we found out a year ago this month that we were having a child with Down Syndrome…he was one of my first calls and one of my most important calls…and he has been a supporter to me that has been very helpful and un-wavered…so he said to me that day…if someone reading your blog does not know you or does not have a child born with Down Syndrome they would think you were the worst person…and he is so right…hard… but right…I am very honest in this blogospere…I am not afraid to offend and I am not scared of being judged…I think that is why I am still here and doing pretty good…this blog has saved me and has saved my sanity…it is the one place that I know others can relate to me…and I can relate to them…I have found kinships that will forever help me in raising a little girl with Down Syndrome…a year ago I was lost and scared…I thought I was going to die…and today I am hopeful and dare I say happy that my baby girl…is healthy and happy…is smart and strong…thank you!


  1. Isn't the blogging world amazing?! Blogging has helped my sanity more than once. I can't imagine anyone thinking that you're a terrible person, though. Maybe grateful they didn't have the same struggles, though, but that'd be true no matter what you said. Anyway, I'm glad you're honest! :)

  2. You are a wonderful momma and I am glad you have found a place to say exactly what you need to say. It does feel good:) Love you guys!