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Sunday, October 18, 2015


the dreaded r-word...as a parent of a child born with Down syndrome I have moments when the r-word brings on a panic attack...I become angry, sad, my blood pressure rises...sometimes I cry sometimes I bite back at the person who said it...and sometimes I breath deep and I become a role model for my children...but I really never know how I will deal with it..I actually practice how to respond...I want to be a advocate that is positive and enlightening...a advocate that has composure and self assurance that can effectively guide the perpetrator to see the light that words matter...people first language matters...Maddie is Maddie first a person..not a r-word, a downsy, a downs kid...nope all are offensive to this Mama...if I choose not to say something I have failed Maddie...this is great alternatives for the r-word...courtesy of my awesome and thoughtful brother-in-law...enjoy!


  1. So nice to see this post come across my feed. Miss Maddie is beautiful as ever.

  2. Maddie has gown so much. I haven't absent from my blog for a long time and I makes so happy how things are turning for your little diva.