Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lucky New Year...

How cool is this…last night we celebrated Setsubun…it is part of the Lunar New Year celebration in Japan…it was AMAZING! as with many new year traditions the customs preformed are to assure good luck for the coming year while chasing away the bad luck of last year… We threw roasted soy beans while saying “oni wa so to, fu ku wa uchi”, translated to “get out demons, come in happiness”… We threw the beans out the front door, around the house and at Doug and Chad wearing a oni, demon, demon mask. Even Max joined in on wearing the mask as we threw the beans at him and repeating the saying…we also participated in another tradition by eating a special sushi roll while facing in the lucky direction based on the year…It is said that to truly get the luck a person has to eat the whole roll without saying a word…so none of us said a word…it was so great…to be with friends and family and carry out such a great tradition…I am feeling lucky!

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