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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

not my Maddie...

There are a few things that Maddie has figured out! she knows when she is hungry to go and scream at me to feed her under her monkey high chair…she knows that EVERYTHING must go in the toilet…she knows if she screams enough Max will come get her…she knows that the computer keyboard is for pounding…the phone is for talking…the clicker for changing the TV channels…and the refrigerator is for climbing…and last but not least to get out of trouble just flash a sweet smile and giggle and it gets mommy every time!...I have been having to discipline Maddie...she is naughty and she does know better then to hit an cry just to cry…she knows that all she needs to do is ask in her cute Maddie way and I will give her the world… it is hard to discipline her….I am conflicted that I may hurt her ego…that I may hurt her development…that I am OVER sensitive because I do not want “my stereotypes” to hurt her…that she will not understand personal space or have to be the center of attention…all things I know to worry about another day…but when does that day come…and when is that day to late?


  1. I was just telling Rich last night that we need to start being more strict with Sutter. He gets away with WAY more than Landon did at this age. Landon heard "no,no,no" so much that by the time he was Sutter's age he was shaking his head "no"! Sutter know's he's not suppose to do certain things....like pulling my hair....he will gently grab it, look me square in the eyes, smile, silly scream and then pull as hard as he can! He too can be naughty! :) I think I'm going to get over my fears and start laying down some rules for him....I figure if he has to live in society he's going to have to learn to live with rules! :)

  2. Thats a good question. We were just talking about how DS people don't know hate, that they only know hugs. But a bunch of my friends DS kido's are going through that naughty, hitting stage!

  3. This was interesting...I know I need to be more firm with Russell...He is REALLY spoiled, better to stop it now than try to later! Loved hearing all about what Maddie is up to!