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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

deliver PoSiTive...

Congratulations! You have just delivered a perfect baby…your babies health is going to be look at from head to toe!…she has 10 fingers and 10 toes that she will use to write her name and dance on stage…she may have a heart condition but no worries typically this can be fixed and we have the BEST team on the job…there is a little concern that her esophagus is not attached to her tummy…but that will also be ok…because we have the BEST surgeons in the land that will do this procedure orthoscopily…yes your baby has a little extra…she was born with trisomy 21, 3 copies of the 21st chromosome, Down Syndrome…this may sound scary…but you will learn FAST your baby is the same as your other babies…you will need to  KNOW one thing! You will need to understand that your baby will do things on her time...so throw out the books and developmental charts because your baby will go as far as you expect her to…please ask me any questions… please let me refer you to the Down Syndrome association in your area…I have set up for you to meet with the Child Development Center in your area to get you and your babies needs met…this is how the diagnosis should be delivered to the parents and families…not a sad occasion…a positive occasion…I know I would have not had such a hard time with the diagnosis…if doctors, nurses and the medical community….did not give the poor you look or the I know more then you because this baby is “special”…My baby is special…but only to me! not because of the Down Syndrome…I remember when Maddie was being pulled out of me…the Doctor gushing over her…he said she was feisty, and beautiful and said are you sure she has Down Syndrome?…she has great muscle tone…I held on to those positive words to get me through Maddie’s NICU stay…when I was pregnant with Maddie someone said Congradulations on having a baby born with Down Syndrome...at that moment I hated her...but know I think I should have said thank you and really meant it!


  1. This post is exactly why I'm volunteering at our local hospital! I want to be able to tell a new mom those exact words...I want to help them get started with EI so that they don't pick up the phone, dial and hang up like I did for the first 5 weeks of Sutter's life...I want them to have someone look at their new baby and tell them s/he is perfect and mean it!

    i LOVED this post!

  2. I agree, the news should never be delivered with the "I'm sorry" I remember one Doctor coming into the NICU, walking over to Brad and I as we held Russell, and SHE burst into tears and said how sorry she was for us...YA...A DOCTOR!
    Great Post!