Monday, October 25, 2010

coming along...

On Saturday we attended a birthday party for one of Maximus's classmates…I was nervous to go…I was on a “Hi” basis with some of the moms…but not a first name basis…also I had to take Maddie with us…because Chad was hunting…I was nervous about the other mothers staring and or making comments…so we walked in and Max was off and joined in the festivities…me and Maddie sat at the table where a nice faced mom was sitting…we chit chatted and other mothers joined in…and we talked about where we were  sending our kiddos for kindergarten…then she said I am sure Maddie can join Max at “that” school…maybe you can use Maddie as a way in for Max! I then knew she knew Maddie was born with Down Syndrome…it is silly that I cannot just go with it…that I think I have to declare something…I did not declare anything…but I yelled it in my head a few times…anyway…we got to talking and she told me about her daughter that was in the NICU and then PICU for months and still has severe kidney issues…and has to travel and see specialists in Denver like we do…it was nice to relate to someone face to face…it was nice to have them understand the pure horror I feel giving my child to someone else to take care of…she just got it! I never did say the words ‘Down Syndrome” I am SOOO trying not to define Maddie as just that….I know she is more…this weekend we celebrated another milestone…Maddie took the phone and said “ha” with her hand lifting the phone to her ear! We are coming along me and Maddie!

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  1. You'll find that you'll have more and more of those types of conversations in the future, as you learn to relax more and go with the flow. In Sammi's first year I always felt like I needed to address Ds. Now I never say anything. People know, and if they don't, so what? LOL I'm glad you had a good time at the birthday party, and great job Maddie practicing her teenager-on-the-telephone skills! :-)