Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Many may not know that just because you have a special needs child that child does not just automatically qualify for state or federal services…many people commented to me that Maddie would receive Social Security or other assistance…that is not the case…none of your tax dollars go to financially support my daughter…she did not qualify for anything…we are on the state Childrens Waiver list that will take about 3 years fingers crossed to be accepted…this will help with her OT, PT, speech and medical concerns…on that point I did choose to get pregnant and I did choose to have a baby that I knew would be a financial hardship…and me and Chad are doing good…better then I thought...we have to budget but who does not…you can make it work…However, insurance is a whole knew and very frustrating process…with the Health bill that not to many are fond of…gives my daughter the most important peace of mind…sort of…an insurance company can not deny her coverage…but they can deny her a procedure…they can deny her that heart operation, or esophageal surgery if they do not deem it necessary...that is frustrating and scary…it happens all the time…and I have been having trouble with our insurance company…last year I received a letter asking why Maddie was not receiving medicaid…I explained and had to give written notice of the reason...or they were going to drop her coverage…this year 3 different doctors have been told by our insurance company that Maddie is not covered by them and refused payment…I had to call an call an call to get them to provide payment…the hospital had to submit to them 4 times before they would provide payment…and just last night the HR person at Chad’s work that provides our health insurance called at 6:00 pm asking questions of who we use for doctors for Maddie…so insurance I am glad we have it…I just hope it will be there when we need it…


  1. Insurance is a sticky point for many, many people. I'm sorry you've had to go through so much uncertainty. We only just got Samantha on Medicaid last year, thinking for the first 3 years that she wasn't eligible because of our income. But Medicaid is based on *her* income, and we were granted shortly after we applied. Medicaid picks up whatever our insurance does not, when we go to doctors or therapists that accept it. I'm sure you know that, just wanted to check. There is so little that anyone actually *tells* us about this stuff, and I get it all word of mouth.

  2. I like that you posted that Maddie is not getting anyones tax dollars! Russell does not qualify for disability benefits here either! I dont like other people patting themselves on the back because they are helping to pay for my child...cause they're not!
    And the American insurance and medical stuff scares the crap out of me...sounds like one big mess down there!!