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Thursday, October 7, 2010

balance the "normal"

“normal” it is a word that I use very loosely…it has made people cringe, offended and it is a word that people take as “not good”… This was my reaction when someone would say that Max looks good or “normal” or like every other child his age…I remember a teacher saying Max was the least of her worries and being so offended that I pulled him out of her class…I thought that if she did not have the good sense to tell me who she thought my child was…or something good about him...then she was not good enough for Maximus…my point on this is that I am a mother of a “normal” child and  I happen to be a mother of a “special” child…I do not parent them different I do not look at them different…Maximus is my prince and Maddox is my princess…I even worry the same about them…I worry that Max is not eating enough, drinking enough, sleeping enough, I worry when he coughs, I worry when he has not pooped in a few days…I worry that he is not good at school…I worry that I am not a good enough parent for him…I have and do have the same exact worries for Maddie…it is just I blog about hers...because that is my audience…an audience that will listen and not just roll there eyes…not many people care about how Max is doing…they do not care of his milestones because they are “suppose” to happen…Chad and I celebrate his accomplishments and achievements…just like we do Maddie’s…it can be a challenge to make sure Maddie is not getting all the attention…she is at the “cute” stage and Max is in an "ornery" stage…but balance is something I strive for everyday with my kiddos…

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  1. I get what you're trying to say...I feel I parent all my kids the same too...I may use a different style of parenting with each, but I have the same worries, concerns, and pride in each and everyone of them. I blog about Russell though, because I need to...But I am proud of ALL my kids and their accomplishments and I do not focus ALL my time on Russell but people dont see that...Russell gets a lot of attention right now because he needs it, and mostly because he is a baby not because he has Ds. I hear you though, balance can be tough at times!!
    By the way I just LOVE your kids names!!