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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

it is a crawl...

Maddie has been frustrating me lately…she REFUSES to do a lot of things...she is very strong willed…and did I mention she yells at me for everything I do wrong! Yeah she does…anyway…she had been refusing to 4 point crawl…so I just stopped working with her on it…stopped…and then I knew the OT could tell I was not working very hard with her...then I felt bad...because of my frustration Maddie is the one who suffers and I do not think it is ok for the OT to do all the work…I know it is my job…therapy just becomes a lot sometimes…it is not the therapy it is the point Maddie just does not do things…everything has to be discussed and practiced…and practiced for months…then maybe if she feels like she will do it…so back to the 4 point crawling…last week she was rolling on her back, standing up, and sucking her thumb… I  knew then I needed to push her...so this week…it was a family thing Max, Chad and I worked with Maddie it took all three of us together…but she did it she did one 4 point crawl…it was so awesome…so today when her OT came she did it for her…it was great to see our hard work pay off…now I just need to get her to do it more consistent and for longer periods of time...she is just so stink’n fast army crawling…Maddie is very much her mothers daughter…we only do things when we say it is time...


  1. Good work!!!! I love that it was a group effort, such a great way to spend family time!

  2. Thats great!! Maddie sounds a lot like Russell...some days I think why bother with PT cause unless he FEELS like it we are not getting anywhere!! But I keep pluggin along with it...That guilt thing pushes me forward. Thats awsome you guys work with her together as a family...maybe I will try that :)

  3. Kheaven's OT doesn't push the 4point crawling... Is there a reason why Maddie's does?

  4. Hi! She does push for the 4 point because of the cross over in the brain that takes place in order for Maddie to read better..there is a coralation between the two! so Maddie must crawl! smiles