Saturday, August 1, 2009

Oohh another Day! offended

Today I have to go the other half of a horrible conference..I usaually like this one but it was awful yesterday...I was offended for most of the day by stupid person actually asked what they should do about a Down's Syndrome 2 year old that have a team of people that work with this child...they seem to think that he was doing it out of spite...they laughed at the notion that he may not be able to hear them or maybe understand them because of hearing issues...I turned around and let them know how possible it is this child may not be able to hear...he may not be able to verbalize the way he wants to and that it is developmentally appropriate for him to bite...I hate stupid people who do not research and try to find common ground and help a child... to look at themselves first before blamming a child...did you know medicare is only for poor stupid people...yes this is what people including the teacher were saying in other one of the sessions I attended..It was awful...I am trying to recieve medicare I am trying to pay medical bills, and have a home...really..this is such a stigma to put on other people..PEOPLE DO NOT THINK!!! I do not know everybodies can we judge...they judge and they probably will go to church this sunday...

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