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Saturday, August 22, 2009

3 yr olds are EVIL!

Today started out like every other...me and Maddox chilled and played...she was happy and I was happy! then the Maximus awoke! he is truly something else...He woke up and wanted to go play at Natural Bridge..so I packed a lunch and packed up the kids and we made our way down to Natural Bridge..It was beautiful and not many people around to begin our great adventure...Max collected rocks to throw in the river and Maddox just enjoyed the ride taking in all the sights and sounds...Max began to throw rocks in the river and then we made our journey to the top of the bridge..where he informed me that rocks like to be thrown off the top of the bridge..where people were standing below...we made our way down and he waded in the water and threw rocks with some lady we did not know...she was very nice! as we were standing there of course there were rude people saying "how old is that baby..it is to young to be outside on a hot day"...seriously people need to talk quitter so I cannot hear them...anywho...Max decided we needed to go look for the dead mouse we found last time we there...I grab the picnic...Maddox was getting hungry so I began to feed her...Maximus thinks he is older and starts following these older girls...and the park began to fill we people...so I tried to explain to him that I needed him to stay close and climb the rocks or play on the playground...then he turned to me and started erupt...I mean the WORST fit I have ever experienced with him...it was so embarrassing...heart crushing....awful...I just picked up Maddox..got the stuff and grabbed Maxs hand and lead him to the car...he did not stop screaming at the top of his lungs until we were leaving the area...on the way home I was thinking to myself .... really should I be a mom...I cannot even take care of a "normal" child how am I ever going to be good for Maddox...I have already screwed up the "normal" kid...I am very scared what I am going to do to my Maddie...I sent Max to his room and he had his first grounding today...he is 3 1/2...parenting books suck...so the day ended with a long nap for the Maximus...We will try to better tomorrow

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