Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Getting Better!

I think I am going to make it! I think I can be Maddox's mom...I know this may seem weird .. But she is really growing on me...I cannot wait for her to wake up in the mornings and I love her smiles...when she laughs...I cry...because I love her and want her to be a part of our family..I think I am going to make this work...she is a great little person...with big personality already..she is cuddlier and a drama queen...she already knows she is a princess..good days!

She had a great therapy session yesterday..Kelly (OT) thinks she is right on for even a "normal" baby to make her milestones...she is tummy crawling and rolling over belly to back...know we just need to work on the neck muscles to get her to roll from back to belly...she is almost there! I think she will sit up soon..she is very aware and wants to be a part of her surroundings..I love that...

We puddled jumped was GREAT!! Max loved it and so did the other kids..there is something awesome to be able to see kids explore there surroundings and not get in trouble or have to keep was great to see them throw things in the puddles and see how big of a splash they could make...or sitting in a puddle and just enjoying themselves...and there is nothing as fun as to hear the laughter of a child...true laughter and enjoyment..what it would be like to be a child again...

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