Saturday, August 22, 2009

Routines? Spidermans? and Frumpy!

It is amazing how Maddox has fallen into or I have adjusted to her daily routine! she awakes around 7ish, plays and eats then chills for awhile...throughout the day she eats every 4 or so hours...naps and goes to night night at 9ish and only eats around 4 is amazing that she is 3 months and she already know that I cannot get up during the night more then once or I will die!! She really is exceeding all my expectations...last night we watched the video of her OT Kelly that comes weekly and works Maddox out and teaches us how to work little Maddie she can be the best little Maddie she can be! I had my development charts out and I am so happy that she is currently meeting all over her milestones! this is huge to her development and future! during her session with Kelly (OT) she would not stop watching herself on the video was funny! she really enjoys looking at herself and other babies faces...which is very typical for a baby this age...again she is more like a "normal" baby then she is seems currently the only thing that is different about my little one is that I cannot get over the fact she has down syndrome and that she has the cutest downs features and faces I have ever seen...she really is growing on me..last night we talked for about an half hour...she is becoming quite the talker! and very opinionated...Maddox is almost rolling over from back to front and I can see her flexibility on how she lays in the most awkward position with every body part touching the floor except her arm is stuck underneath...hard to explain!!! but very cool...she recognized me and got excited for me to pick her up yesterday for the first time!! I cried because she smiled at me and ran her legs through the air...

Maximus is not going to preschool at this time...he is just to young...he really cannot get up in the morning and make it there!! I understand this sounds like I am just lazy.but Max is very... how do I say this ...his own little being and he is perfectly happy playing here with his friends and thinking he is a dinosaur, a hunter, or like yesterday spiderman with barbie wings flitting around the house...of course that get--up had a sword! Chad and I figure that he will go to school soon enough and no longer be able to do as he please all his live long day...

Chad has lost 15 pounds so far this month and I do not feel I have lost any of my baby weight...I am so frustrated that it has not just disappeared...I realize I have to work out and change the way I eat and I have done that...I have ate less and eaten more fruit and veggies...I workout daily for at least 30 to 40 mins...i hate that it is so easy for him and not for me...I really believed that as soon as I had Maddox that I would be back into my old clothes...I am not sure why i thought was not how it happened with Max and yet when i packed for Denver to have her I brought all my old clothes which none of them fit...Chad just rolled his eyes and I ended up wearing jogging pants daily there...boy did I look good! not! I look frumpy and unkempt...I really need to get this put together...and if chad say one more time that I need to just work out harder or he needs to see how hard I workout to see what I am doing wrong... I am going to kill him! Or he says you look great you just had a baby...well then do not video me...because that is suicidal! any who we are working out together this morning..should be good times!

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