Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ahhh Natural

Today we went to Natural is truly beautiful! the kids played in the water, threw rocks and climbed BIG rocks! Max found a dead mouse and I could hardly pry him away...We had a picnic and played at the playground...they had an old merry-go-round that of course Max loved...I know this is a very dangerous play item but I do remember spending many hours on it!

Max took a nap!! it was amazing! he is such a better 3 year old when he we had to go to the Water Falls near Casper..He threw more rocks and found a butterfly! Maddox chilled and ate!! she is becoming quite the little piggy! She worked out today and now is working on a pooo!

I have decided not to send Max to preschool yet....I think he is still a bit young..lets hope Max does not kill Maddox with love through out this year...Chad talked me into the p90x a workout thing..I am sure it will sit on the shelf like most other exercise things in the house...Chad thinks this is the ticket to skinny...I mean healthy...what ever it is I hope it is fun...another day another cure all....

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