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Saturday, August 8, 2009


The day started good but there were some bumps! When you have a child with "special needs" it can be weird to venture in public just for the shear fact that people are STUPID! I mean this in the nicest possible way! I was in Walmart and Max and Maddie were being amazing letting me get all my shopping done. Max of course had to pee and so things were taking a little longer then I wanted...The cashier was nice and talking with Max which is always a plus he likes to talk to strangers! we can talk on this later! so a women comes up and starts staring at Maddox...very intently...I do not think much of it and then it begins! she says "how old is your baby" I say "12 weeks" she says "ohhh 3 months" so I am thinking NO 12 weeks idiot! then she says "she is soooooo small was she premature" I respond "no 6 pounds" "ohhhh" she says...then pauses then says "she really is so small are you sure she is ok" REALLY!!!! she has fat rolls and looks so healthy and cute! I then respond "I am short she is just taking after me" I wanted to yell at her... YES she is small she was born with down syndrome you stupid stupid women...learn to shut up and have tack...not everything you think has to be said! I get very upset because I want to perfect my response before Maddie can realize that they are not being nice...I do not want her to see me get mad or respond in a way that will make her feel uncomfortable.....I want her to have strong self esteem and be proud of the person she will become...She will rewrite the "norm" for Down Syndrome I know it!! Today she batted at a mobile and made contact! that is huge...I mean a huge milestone for my big girl!

Now she sleeps and processes everything she learned today! she is a big girl that is as healthy as she can be!

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