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Thursday, August 20, 2009

What is Next!

My day started like any other...working out and thinking to myself really should yoga hurt this bad! Then Chad said "dont freak out honey there is a mouse in the bathroom...really at 6 am this is not the news I wanted to hear...I am completely freaked out by mice! Then of course Max came out and greeted me like everyday! "Mommy I peed the bed! I think I need to learn to pee in the potty and poop in the diaper...Mommy I am not as big as a tree so I cant poop in the potty!" He will not poop in the potty it is hopeless! I still have 5 pkgs of peanut M&M's and a Nerf Gun hanging over my toilet just waiting to be used! but today I guess is not the day! we are going on 3 months with this hanging over the toilet!

Today got better when I was reading about Down Syndrome...it seems that this is how I occupy my time these days..did you know that you can have a down syndrome child and they can also be autistic...I am a lot freaked about this and I need to call the doctor and discuss...it was crazy when I received the diagnosis of Down Syndrome many people would say at least you will not have a child with autism..this stressed me out...because I knew if there was a chance to have a down syndrome kid with both diagnoses it would be my kid...When Max was born I was very concerned with him having autism...I had him when they had just came out with the 1 and 150 kids are diagnosed with autism and Jenny McCarthy was out pimping her book...so of course when Max was getting his MMR I began consistently asking the doctor if he thought Max was autistic...I remember Max lining up his dinosaurs and I was convinced he has autism..the Doctor told me to stop watching Oprah! Anyway in Denver they have a support group for parents of children with Down Syndrome and Autism so I guess I will not be the only one...sometimes it just hits me that my little girl has Down Syndrome..it is crazy how I forget for a time that she is not "normal" because in more ways then I could ever imagine she is like a "normal" baby...she is temperamental and she already wants to be in the middle of things...she cried until I held her today while we were playing with playdough..she grabbed at it and held it for a time...she even held a paintbrush the entire time the kiddos were painting...she is pretty a cool chick! Ms. Kelly her OT was very impressed with her today! Maddie scooted on her tummy for her and mimicked hi to her...I cannot believe she is already 3 months!

on a side note...football season is starting again and I am in mourning my beloved Brett Farve has broke my heart and signed with the enemy..the Vikings aka Mud Ducks...My family is from Wisconsin and life long Packer fans...Mr Farve is a freak..but at least he is fun to watch...and get beat by the Pack! go PACK go!

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