Saturday, August 8, 2009

I love Saturday!

Well today could have not started out more perfect! Maddox is an amazing person (baby) and sleeping through the night! I woke up to Max and Chad playing... with Maximus laughter filling the there anything more perfect...

Yesterday I tried working...I do daycare..I have been doing it for three years...but I am nervous to have my own baby around all the other children...I want to make sure I have enough to give to every child...I am tired and Maddie was very stimulated but she seemed to enjoy the time with the other kiddos...

Went to a BBQ last night with great people and an amazing atmosphere...the food was really really was VERY kid friendly which is always a plus...there was an apple tree that just spontaneously dropped apples and Max and the other kiddos played with apples almost all night...who knew all the things you can play with an apple...making a pretend pie, a tea party eating an apple, and then of course throwing them at each other!! what fun! This guy had a projector screen outside and so we sat in lawn chairs with blankets and watched a pirated copy of Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs! Back to the food..can you say BBQ brisket, beans, jalapeno peppers w/bacon and yummy cake!! back to clean eating Monday!

This is state fair week...the weather is not nice so I am not sure that the demolition derby is in the cards today..but Maximus will be enjoying live with Elmo tomorrow! to be 3 again...Maddox will be enjoying some fresh formula and sleepy sleepy with a little tummy time on the side!

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