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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sleepy Sleepy!

You would think it would be my 3 month old daughter keeping me up at night..NOOOO it is my 3 year old that will not poop in the potty...he woke up to poop last night 2 am and needed me to watch him while he pooped in a diaper not a toilet...I know this should not surprise me considering he still pees outside...currently we are bribing him to poop in the potty with peanut M&M's and a Nerf ball gun... it is going on 2 months of these items hanging in my bathroom above the toilet..any ideas??

Maddox is 3 months today! she is a big girl..she is rolling on her side and will roll from front to back...She enjoys watching herself in the mirror...her new thing is everything goes in her mouth...it is so funny to watch her try to get those toes in her mouth...last night we went to the rapids on the Platte river...she loved being outside and taking a walk..I know I should not have her in the baby pack...but she loves it!! I hope her legs are not permanently frog legged!! she was only in the pack for about an 1 hour! Max threw rocks in the river and chased birds...we also saw a snake and a mouse...ooohhh what fun!

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