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Friday, July 31, 2009


When you become a parent do ever stop worrying? It is amazing how it starts in pregnancy...am I eating the right things...do I have everything I need to be the perfect parent...you know changing table (waste of $$), do I have the proper crib..are the slats to far apart?? I actually made Chad measure the slats to make sure nothing could happen! You think when they are born at least you will not have to worry because you know they are perfect...you have counted 10 fingers and toes...and they are breathing...but you have to check every couple minutes when you bring them home....then you begin to question the color of your babies poop, to sniffles, to when is a good time to start your child in school..Max is no longer interested in going to school...his short experience was 3 weeks... 4 days per week...a total of 12 days...he tells me he has a belly ache and can not got to school...he is 3! so now I have to wonder do I keep him out of school this coming year...I do not want him to be bored and start to hate school before even gets there! I really never comprehended how stressful parenthood would be...I really thought this would come in the teenage years!

Today I have to go to an early childhood conference..I have gone the last 3 years..it is a good conference I just hate being social with adults! I much prefer a 2 year old! Conversation seems to be more productive with a younger audience! I am frustrated that there is no classes on working with children with special needs...I remember in college I thought I was going to open a preschool for special needs children...now I have a special needs child and I have no clue on what I should be doing...The therapist comes in weekly and I read everything I can get my hands on but still I think is this enough for my little Maddie...she is 11 weeks this week..she is smiling, laughing, and learning how to use her screams to get what she wants...she sat in her bumbo and tried to grab her favorite ball and ring and bring them to her mouth...her nose is still stuffed up..I am not sure she will ever have a clear nose...worries when will it stop!

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