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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rainy Morning

It is 8 am and all my babies are sleeping! I am enjoying the quiet rainy morning... but I am very concerned I am not making good parental decisions..My 3 year old Maximus is in enrolled in summer preschool...but he is soooo tired and not to excited to go...he loves it once he gets there but not so much in this early morning..I can make every excuse for him not to go..he is tired, could be getting sick, wants to play with my childcare kids, thinks he is missing something at home...just not ready for school...got into trouble at school..the list can go on and on! so I let him sleep peaceful in his bed...My other baby Maddox is also sleeping sound with daddy...she is sleeping through the night...but those darn nasal cavities are just too small and she gets sooo stuffed up...I prop her up and she is good..Yes our kids sleep with us..it was not suppose to be this way but it happens!! I guess I should not worry about it if they are sleeping through the night and they are happy! I think!

Maddox's therapy rocked yesterday she is holding her head up on schedule and her leg muscles are incredible...I once had a guy tell me he would reproduce with me because of my great strong legs..I guess Maddox got my legs!! funny! lets just hope she got Chads butt!!

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