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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bills oohh Bills!

Today I think we have gotten the last of the medical bills for the birth of the princess Maddox! It is so hard to negotiate payments and have people understand you owe everyone not just there Doctors! I can be thankful that there is no interest...In 21 months we will be payment free!!

I am still having a hard time being the mom of a baby with Down's Syndrome...I guess I have still not grasped the whole unknown of her...I get that you can have these feelings with a "normal baby" but I am just very leary of people who say she is so cute...I have actually had someone say she is not cute but she is kinda of pretty...while I was pregnant with Maddox I had several people labeling her and using derogatory statements to reference her...I think this is why I am so weird about people looking at her or trying to see her...I have prepared my statements back to people with ignorance against my girl but I am still nervous I will freeze up when I need to stand up for her...I just have to remember for the most part people are nice and mean well..and you cannot fix stupid! Remember I am the special parent!

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