Thursday, April 15, 2010

YOuR my GiRL...

You’re my girl…that is what a little girl said to Maddie…I cried…this is what I want for my Maddie…to be loved…to be protected…to be made to feel she is 6 ft tall and the shizzz:)…this is what I fear the most…for Maddie not to feel loved…not to feel included…not to feel worthy…I am in fear that a word will destroy her and make her hurt…is that not what sucks the most…our children feel pain when they are born…all the needles all the doctors…poking and prodding...and then the pain continues…with looks with stares…with the ignorance of others…last night I saw a girl with Down Syndrome…I stalked her through Wal-Mart and I think her dad noticed…but it is how I learn…how I am accepting Maddie…by watching other people…I needed to watch the man interact with his daughter…it was good…and I realized that again Maddie is more like me then she is anybody else…I need to remember this…she my girl…


  1. Awwww, what a sweet post. We're all secret stalkers... and I agree, it does help us learn. Eventually, some of us get brave enough to say 'hi' and strike up a conversation. Did you read my friend Lisa's recent post about that? (on Genetically Enhanced).

  2. I stalked a man walking about Jo ann fabrics with either his sister or mom. He was very polite and sweet. It was nice to see how an older person interacts. I did the same thing at walmart- there was a group of older people in line so I went right behind them just to see what they acted like. The one lady with DS was the one they sent to take some of the others without DS to the bathroom. Like she was the most responsible one and she talked well and was funny and sweet- yes she was with a group but she was having fun and it was nice to see her as the "leader".

  3. This nearly left me speechless. Beautiful post.