Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Maddie Time...

Maddie loves to dance…and she now dances by herself! VeRY CuTE…she goes back and forth with her head…and really seems to feel the rhythm…so today was windy…60+ miles per hour and Maddie cannot breath in our Wyoming hurricane…so we did the chicken dance! she loved it…she laughed, she bounced and we soared…I love to watch her smile…she is having issues with me , Chad and Max walking in and out of the room! I hope this passes soon…you should see the faces and grunts she musters up just to get us to turn around and then she giggles…yesterday I gave her eggs and she did ok…so I gave her pears in the afternoon...I was so excited! Then she threw them all up…it was not good…I do not know if it is the acid from the pears, to big of chunks…or just that she hates fruit….am I going to fast with her…I just feel like she is not moving along! I am scared she is showing delays….She is going to be the BIG 1 years old next month and well…Maddie moves on Maddie time…and Mommy needs to get over it!


  1. I think eggs might be the problem. A lot of babies have allergic reactions to them. But then again I can't get Lucas to eat fruit. We made a little progress this week with fruit and yogurt so I can't complain. Are you seeing an OT? You might want to talk with an OT or feeding specialist, that's what we are doing with Lucas and he is making great strides.