Sunday, April 11, 2010

my short comings...

I do not look like a mom that can have a child with Down Syndrome….as I stomp my feet, pound fists and cry...I remember saying (yelling) that over and over to Chad…of course this was a HUGE stereotype and ignorance on my part…when I began this journey I would see other moms that had children with Down Syndrome and I would hit Chad and say see---see---look at her…she is beautiful, she is young, she seems so cool so happy…I hope someday I can be like that mom…it is silly how it has taken me a year to be able to utter these words…I am a mother of a child with Down Syndrome…I am not ugly, frumpy, OLD, stupid, and I am no longer ignorant to the subject of parenting a child with Down Syndrome…to think all this came to me while I was trying to get skin cancer in a tanning bed!! I am trying to put the vitamin d in me to help with my moodiness…I think it is helping…and I am smiling

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