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Friday, April 23, 2010

another rant...REALLY

I know I need to get thicker skin…I know that I need to relax…but when I first found out I was having a child with Down Syndrome…different things popped into my head…some things I have found untrue and others things have rang true…the other day I was watching an interview with a person that was born with Down Syndrome…the interviewer that addressed the 19 year old MAN…was condescending…”Hi buddy”…usually when I talk with a 19 year old…I say “hey” “hey man” or just "hi"…not a sweet almost baby talk voice of “hi buddy”…why is it we talk down to people…why do we say things in a softer voice…this MAN is 19 years old…no reason to coddle…no reason…to talk with him different…and this guy knows it! I already LOvE my pediatrician because of this…he always says to me…Maddie is a human first…and I will check her and treat her symptoms first and Down Syndrome does not need to come into play ALL THE TIME! so RELAX…

for some FUN news I am going to a fundraiser…that will help support Maddie’s therapy…I am SOOO excited…Maddie has artwork in the silent auction…she is a ROcKStAR… I am going to bid on it! and cross my fingers WIN it….it is a little plate with her chubby little hand and finger prints…it is VeRY cool….I have the perfect place to hang it…I am so proud of her…now what to wear!


  1. I'm glad you brought that up cause to be honest that bothers me a lot too! When Russell is that age I sure hope no one talks to him like he is a toldder! I guess the sad thing for me is that before I had Russell I would not have even noticed something like that. I feel there is so much I am learning everyday and I find I have to have so much patience with others because there was a point where I was just like them and didnt understand or feel the way I do now about things.
    Hope you win Maddies art work at the Auction :)

  2. Ugh. I hate the baby speak, too. Totally feel you on that. Good luck at the auction. Fingers crossed you win :)