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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baby Weekly? what is up!

I wonder if they make a baby weekly update for babies born with Downs Syndrome…I have been getting updates for Maximus since I was pregnant with him…and I get updates for Maddie…however…none of them apply to her…when I try to look something up on the site/link for her…it is so general and not updated…with current research and thinking…it is frustrating…I get that my Maddie will do things every child will do…and I get that it will be on her time…but really I want the baby weekly to talk to me…to give me a uh ha moment! Maddie is getting such THICK thighs they no longer fit in the braces for keeping her legs together! I want baby weekly to tell me this is “normal” and just healthy! she is talking and singing in the middle of the night…I want baby weekly to tell me that this will soon pass! that she is a genius revisiting and re-living her great day! Maddie is beginning to kinda suck/spit out of our friend the honey bear…I want baby weekly to say Maddie is amazing to already be doing this HUGE milestone! Maddie is doing patty cake (clapping motion) for herself now! and I want baby weekly to put her picture up and say YEAH for Maddie!


  1. I'm not baby weekly, but I'm just going to come out and say WOOHOO Maddie!!! Those are some awesome milestones, especially the clapping for patty cake!!!! GO Maddie GO!!! As for the talking and singing in the middle of the night, I'm going to hope for your sake it's a fast phase....my almost 2 year old still does it! 1:30am this morning I could hear him singing the alphabet...as happy as I am that he knows the alphabet, I'd love to only hear it when the sun is out! :)

  2. Here's my "tip of the day" ;-) Are you on Facebook? That's where we post our kids' daily accomplishments and things we wish they "weren't" doing and get a sympathetic ear or 10 by days' end. I have at least 150 "friends" who have a child w/ Ds now on Facebook. No, I don't know them personally, but somehow we all are connected. Maybe you already are... ?

  3. Way to go Miss Maddie! I have to admit that I love the midnight singing. Gabe has never done that! He is a mad cuddler though and comes to get me most early wee hours.

    Give your scrumptious girlie a big hug for us!♥

    Just wanted to add to Monica's comment that I'm on Facebook too if you do join! :)

  4. Hi.. First of all I wanted to say Maddie is so CUTE!!! I'm also in Casper, Wyoming and I have a 7 month old son and I turn 40 on Friday:) and I have a blog at girlinair.blogspot.com

    I"m not sure if you know this but on your profile if you change your interests to also include Down Syndrome then click on it..it will link you up with other bloggers with that same interest:)

    That's how I found other Casper blogger's by clicking on my town name in my profile

    I'm following your blog now:)

  5. I totally agree! I started getting the weekly emails when I was pregnant with my daughter, who is now 2 months old. I still get them, but yeah, they're talking about milestones for a "typical" baby. Hmm... my wheels are spinning. There's got to be some organization out there that can do the same type of thing for babies with designer genes?? Anyway, following what the others said, I'm a fan on FB of "Down Syndrome Blogs" - there are a lot of us out there!

    Maddie is lovely. Go munch on her thighs for me.

  6. Go Maddie, you rock (and clap ;-)

    My very first post was about stages not age and I put up a link to an amazing journal for children with Ds that will help you track Maddie's accomplishments.