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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

School and Doctors!

Last night I had a nightmare and it was not about Maddox…so that was a step in the right direction! Instead it was about me forgetting Maximus at preschool…to bad he has decided not to go…his excuses these days are that he is sick, has a tummy ache, he has to play soccer, he is just to busy and he does not have time! a couple days ago at the park the preschool was there playing and the teacher told me they had an opening for Max…my complete look of horror was evident to the teacher…she told the principal that I looked like I was going to have a panic attack…so as I was talking to myself about why we needed to send him to school…Maximus showed me why he just cannot go! At the park today he whipped down his pants and started peeing in a puddle…he thinks chocolate milk comes out of thin air…he only poops in a diaper…and he will not get out of his pajamas…ooh and did I mention he sleeps in till 9 or 10 am daily…and he naps! Maximus is not ready for preschool…and I am probably still not ready for him to go…

Max and Maddie have there checkups at the doctors tomorrow…I have decide Maddox has an ear infection, a fistula, and is tiring to easy…its gotta be her heart…and she now has indigestion…that she is already taking medication for...hope all my fears work themselves out!

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  1. It's that gut thing, mama. You may have a son who is old enough with people pressuring you to send him to Pre-school, but if you aren't ready, and he isn't ready, then screw them! He's your baby!