Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nondisjunction happens

Please stop and think before you speak or write a comment…I am so guilty of this that I cannot believe that I lived with myself for 34 yrs! I am the queen of NO tact…and I have a great ability to put a foot in my mouth on a regular basis…but with Maddox came a sense of not knowing anything and humility that cannot be explained…I am calmer and quieter and not so in your face…where am I going with this-- Facebook…Chad and I joined so when we were having Maddox…everyone could get updates on her status…it was just easier then calling everyone…with that came connecting with old friends and family…that you once knew and deemed important…now are strangers…I do think we should all have our own opinions…but it offends me when people try to make political statements that is a direct hit on me…a old “friend” tried to make the point that government assistance should not be used for children born with something “genetically wrong” with them… that there parents should be “cut and tied”…WHAT…I should be cut and tied because I could not produce and “normal” child…my beautiful baby was not a mistake nor was she a ooops….she was planned and she is perfect…Chad and I did what we needed to do to have a healthy baby…I took folic acid, drank no alcohol, no caffeine and ate hormone free meats even thanksgiving turkey! But meiosis happened…and we created a 47 chromosomally enhanced bouncing baby girl…people assume that everyone is like they are…now I do not think having children is as easy as I did a year ago…now I really wonder how we go into producing children with just “it happens attitude”…lots to think about and how you will handle the emotional and financial toll of having a special needs child…the prejudice against my child started in the womb…with derogatory statements towards a child with down syndrome…and they continue with people thinking that I should be fixed and should not have more children… because my child is not like there child…I suppose my child will not be able to play with there child…it disturbs me that people agreed with his comment and put a “like this” to it…by government standards my child someday could receive assistance…and by insurance standards she has a pre-existing condition…and could be dropped by our coverage…I suppose now these same people will think they have the right to tell my Maddox if she can reproduce...

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