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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Maximus 4!

Today Maximus is the big 4! and he is sick…it seems that every year he is sick on the big day…I need to get his darn shots after his birthday from now on…he was very excited for today…he wanted spiderman cupcakes and a diego cake…he got it all…and last night I went 3 places looking for barbecue ribs for him…this year it is on my list not to spoil my kiddos so much!! Maddox is sick to…she has a cough and is a bit cranky…it will be a good night to go to bed early…but Max and Chad are going sage chicken hunting and me and Maddox are going to cuddle…sounds like a perfect night…


  1. Yay! Happy Birthday late Max. I can still remember when you came into this world and made it brighter!

  2. thank you..i cannot believe that was 4 years ago!