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Monday, September 28, 2009

Rolling in Yucky Charms

I remember now why I do not buy Lucky Charms…my four year old thinks he needs to separate all the marshmallows out of the cereal…he only eats the marshmallows…at least he has to have milk! then tells me how much he LUVs it with a mouth full and them running own his shirt!! with the yucky part of the charms he uses to make shapes on the table…or tries stacking them up and gets frustrated when it does not work…I did think he was a genius…maybe not today! At the doctor last week I asked about Maximus NOT pooping in the potty…he told me he has never sent anyone to college still pooping in a diaper! then he suggested to take down the Nerf gun and M&Ms that we have been bribing him with…and said he will do it when he does it! An that nothing will get him there faster then us not making a BIG deal out of it…so today I will take down the goodies and surrender to defeat of my 4 year old!

Maddox is rolling across the living room…it is amazing and she loves to get herself underneath the little tike table and play…she was yelling at me this morning to let her down to roll…she loves to find Max and roll to him…she then belly crawls or turns to get inn the middle of what he is playing…he is excited about her for a minute and then he expects her to move on! She is getting so social and all smiles…I am glad she is feeling better! I really think she is belly crawling...I cannot wait to confirm it with Mrs Kelly(OT!)

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