Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Today Maddie was yelled and pushed down at by another child…for knocking down his blocks…I was angry, sad and scared…I snapped at Maximus and said “you never let another person treat your sister that way”…he said “ok” and move on with his playing…Maddie is 18 months old and I feel such pressure to make sure the world adores her…that Me, Chad and Max stand up for her - promptly…but I am still a professional and I took a deep breath and I talked with the other child and explained that we do not treat people this way and I had him apologize to Maddie…in the back of  my mind this was a HUGE deal because I am learning/practicing now how to defend my daughter…I thought to myself is this the way I will handle this situation when she is older…will I talk with the people that are not being friendly? will I yell at them? or will I cry and say nothing? her spirit is what I fear for…Maddie is so little she is like a cute little package…she sits with her feet crossed and her hands in her lap just looking as perfect as can be…and I am bewildered by my reaction in my head to the injustice I see happening to my little girl…a few short minutes after this happened I saw her crawl over to the block structure again…the child nicely said “no no Maddie…you play here”….Maddie responded “no” and took his blocks and pulled them behind her as if to tease…she was instigating the play and interaction with the other child…I was then pleased with her development and attitude to be naughty and humorous…this in lies another problem…do I allow her to be naughty to others? Because I am trying to change the stereo type of “nice” that goes with Down Syndrome…I know what the answer is… that I need to treat and discipline Maddie the way I treat and discipline Max but she seems to me to be such a delicate soul….I think this could be trouble..

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  1. Oooh, I have been thinking about this very thing alot lately!! Russell has seriosuly been acting like a brat the past little while...And while I secretly LOVE the fact that he has a personality other than happy and content all the time, I dont want him to behave that way. I have a hard time telling him no or to "be nice"...I realize I have to treat him the same as my other kids, he shouldnt be able to get a way with everything just because he has Ds...Buts its hard trying to figure out how exactly to go about it...