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Thursday, November 11, 2010

one day...

My typical day…great idea Unforeseen Gifts…aka Erin!! I am always wondering what my bloggy friends are up to in there day…are they busy? is it quiet? I wonder how doctors appoints and IEP meetings are going…and if they are achieving any big milestones…this is my new world full of great kiddos and great moms that are like my Maddie and me…and it is nice to share the sibling aspect to better understand my Max…I learn from my bloggy friends…I lean on them for advice and guidance on this unknown journey…our days are very typical and routine! and we are VERY lucky to have our therapist friends come to our home and our environment...
- up before everyone else…and to the gym
- home to get ready for my day with a hot cup of coffee
- my first little daycare buddy arrives at 7:30 am
- give Maddie her meds and first feeding
- the daycare friends arrive and breakfast making begins (8 kiddos in all)
- feed Maddie
- first therapist arrives
- arts, crafts and play for the other kiddos
- Bookmobile a library on a bus comes to my home
- lunch time feed Maddie
- feed all the other kiddos lunch
- get Max to wash face, brush teeth and dress
- off on the wagon we go to take Max to school
- happy nappy kiddos!! me clean!
- kids wake up and Max walks home from school
- snack - Maddie self feeds
- play, play and play some more!
- say goodbye to our friends for the day
- clean
- feed Maddie
- feed the rest of the family
- therapy (play) on our own
- Maddie to bed
- Quiet time
- off to bed we go
very routine and ordinary…but it is a good life…and one we like to keep simple!


  1. So glad you played along. Your day sounds very busy! Lots of cleaning but I understand since you take care of other kids. It does sound nice and simple, love days like those.

  2. I love that you fit therapy in while running a daycare! Some days I'm lucky if I get any in, and its just us.