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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

good jinx...

Maddie seems to be in an explosion of development…this scares me…I am excited…and we celebrate…but I am scared…I am scared that her milestones will not take…that she will go to bed and she will not do it again for months…today for her OT she 4 point crawled the whole time…and she has been doing it for me more and more…2 weeks ago she began bear crawling and today she did it again…and then the biggie…she is cruising (walking with assistance)…I hope she does not stop and I have just jinx her! but with Maddie it seems we go 2 steps forward and then 5 steps back…she also got a tooth…YEP! A tooth...it went away for a couple of weeks but now it is back and has been front and center for a couple of days! Then when I thought she was choking yesterday I found another tooth…in the back of her mouth a molar! Holy CoW! Maddie is a RockSTAr….

4 point crawl

Bear Crawl
I do not try to be negative…but Maddie just does not do things…we have to work at it and practice it…and sometimes she will do it on a regular basis…and other times she will not…she will just suck her thumb and look at me with those baby blues…I tend to push Maddie harder then I think I should…I expect so much…from her…but I expect more from me…her development is not just my business...we have a team working with Maddie...and I have put pressure on myself to make sure my little girl is doing what is expected...sometimes I feel I am just not doing enough...but today Maddie RoCKeD it!!


  1. Yay, Maddie!! Don't worry, she'll get to keep those milestones eventually, but remember, sometimes development in one area takes a back seat when another area is about to take off. Trust me, she won't be crawling forever. She WILL walk, and she'll do it when SHE's ready. :-)
    By the way, pushing her is a *good* thing! Sammi's old PT pushed her so hard, and Sammi did great things with her. My husband was able to do many of the things the PT did after watching their sessions, but I am just too soft. If Sammi didn't want to do something, well, Mommy wouldn't make her. LOL Good for you!!!

  2. WooHoo!!! She's doing great! Look at that bear crawl....she looks pretty determined in that picture! Expect big great things out of Maddie and she will accomplish them....I'm sure of it!

  3. Maddie is a rockstar! She is doing fabulous and so are you mom! It is so easy to be hard on ourselves over our children's development, I do it too. We just have to take a step back sometimes and celebrate!

  4. So many exciting things!!! Yaay for teeth!! And crawling and cruising...Maddie IS a rockstar!!

  5. Way to go Maddie! I love the pictures of the different crawls...she's taking off and I love hearing about it all. THANK YOU! :)