Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Maddie is so happy…she is just so happy…why does this drive me BONKERS! It does…I am not a fan of this phrase…I know I am to sensitive…and they are probably making a observation and just simply stating what they see…I get it!! REALLY…but I still cringe when it is said…I have begun to hear it more and more…I want to ask why…why do you think she is happy? What made you come to this conclusion…because Maddie really is not that happy…she is VERY opinionated! She is learning new ways of getting mommies attention and many of them have to do with yelling, crying, and pulling hair…so happy is not what I would use to describe Maddie…I would describe her as curious, funny, passionate, naughty, BUSY and into everything! She is on the go and is like the energizer bunny! She is always trying to escape out the patio door! Or playing in the toilet…and when she is denied the outside or the toilet…insert screaming! So Maddie HaPPy…only for the brief moment that she is showing you her new trick of waving hello or goodbye!  

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  1. LOL...Maddie sounds like she keeps your house VERY busy and VERY noisy!