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Saturday, November 20, 2010

boobtube ;)

  I love the TV show “Parenthood”…on NBC…. one of the families it highlights has a little guy with Autism…and there family dynamic; struggles, joys, and everyday life…. it is so good…last week the dad, son and grandfather were in the grocery store getting ready to check out…the man in front of them was in an express lane with to many items…the boy with Autism commented and started to put the guys stuff back in the cart…the man was so upset and began talking under his breath about the boy…the dad asked him what his problem was? And the man said if he could not control his kid and teach his kid some manners…and then it came the whopper of words was used…. insert “r” word…the dad punched the guy…the dad is not a guy you would think would ever punch a person…. but he did and the dad said it felt good…sometimes I think that way…when I hear ignorance…I wonder what I really would do in that situation…. would I cry, yell, hit, laugh out of fear and frustration…or just walk away…it was very thought provoking…I know that our day will come when things are said….I just hope that day I am confident and cool and teach instead of react….also on the TV front and let me CLEARLY state I am NOT a fan of Sarah Palin…but I did tune in and watch her new show on TLC…so I could see her little boy born with Down Syndrome…I was so disappointed when they did not show much of him…they showed him very briefly with a caretaker waving goodbye…I think this is a perfect time for her to help with Down Syndrome awareness…I would love to see a typical day in his life…what they do for therapy and what resources they have….I know I will not tune in again...but maybe someday she will get on board with a cause that is worth talking about…


  1. I watch Parenthood too and I love it! I wonder if I will ever get through an episode without crying? The last one made me think too, how would I react? I'm not an aggressive person, I generally let people walk all over me but I hope that if something like that happens I have the courage to say something. And I also tuned into Sarah Palin's new show, I'm not a fan of hers either but like you I wanted a glimpse of Trig and was disappointed. However, the cool thing was my daughter saw Trig and asked if that little boy was just like Lucas, I guess she recognizes the features now.

  2. OH, I AM a reactor, LOL, which sometimes is not a good thing...I am one of those that needs to learn to just shut up and walk away! Hopefully I learn this before I have to deal with any issues concerning Russell.
    I watched the Sara Palin thing too for the very same reason, and was disappointed also...You know I just find it amazing that the people who are actually in the position to reach thousands of others through T.V, or Celebrity, or a Blog that has millions of followers...NEVER talk about Down syndrome or do anything to help raise awarness. Its almost like a waste of an opportunity I think, to help change the world for their children. And I personaly dont like the whole "if I dont talk about it everyone will see they are just like every other child" Bull!!! I mean people KNOW our kids are different...What they need is to be TAUGHT about the differences along with how normal they are and everything they can do. THAT is an issue that makes me angry. If you have an opportunity to help change things or educate why not do it??
    Ok, there I am done ranting, LOL

  3. I was just thinking of posing about that episode of parenthood AND about watching Sarah Palins show to see her son and that I was disappoinwhen I didn't. Great minds.

  4. LOVE Parenthood! That episode made me think too what I would do...and I still have no idea! I would love to see Sarah Palin jump in on DS awareness; that said, I really can't bring myself to watch her!!! LOL :)