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Monday, November 22, 2010

21 smiles...

Today I realized that Maddie makes me smile…a lot... like every time I am staring at her…I stare at her a lot because she is just so darn cute and funny…and unpredictable! So I thought it would be fun to try to get to 21 ways she makes me smile…
1. head banging to the alphabet song
2. how she raises her hand and announces she has entered the room
3. how she screams at me sitting under her monkey chair
4. playing in the toilet
5. playing in the refrigerator; removing items and putting them back (sometimes)
6. closing every door I have opened
7. pulling my face in to kiss me
8. giving GREAT BIG hugs
9. giving lick kisses
10. tackling Max
11. following Max everywhere
12. escaping out the patio door...even in the snow
13. singing to wake up in the morning
14. singing and head banging in the car
15. dancing to commercial music
16. talking at me with such motive and attitude
17. raising her hands to be tickled before bed
18. jumping in circles and giggling while in the johnny jumper
19. when she sleeps
20. when she kisses her baby and loves on her
21. falling in the bath tub while yelling and signing bath
Maddie is a SupERSTar…and today I am so very thankful... (note: my list could have gone on and on!)


  1. What a FUN post!! I bet that list would be massive, too. She's quite a little character!

  2. Maddie sounds so fun :) This was really cute!