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Friday, March 5, 2010

mirror mirror...

have you ever looked in the mirror and said…ooh my! what happened…I think I aged over night…we went swimming last night and I saw myself in a swimsuit and EVERYTHING has dropped…really everything…I realize that I am getting older…but this is really something I do not need! I have been under a bunch of stress this year…and I get I had a baby almost 10 months ago…I like to say months…because it is almost a year and that sounds bad that I am not back to my pre-Maddie/Max figure! but I am really one of those women that think that all the weight should go when you have the baby…it should disappear with no effort… I am working out everyday and eating good…but tomorrow I wish to wake up to sun kissed, clear skin and perky boobs, butt and face! I am not asking for much!!


  1. I turned 45 years old in December, and although I know that I've let myself go over the past five years or so, it's really evident to me lately. I started walking/running and I find that it actually helps me more emotionally than physically! LOL!

    But I can completely relate to what you're writing about, Kimberly.

  2. If it helps, I feel in the same way. I am getting ready for the summer and I am looking for a swimming suit that covers everything. It's so sad! I used to wear bikinis.

  3. Gosh, I've been going through the same thing. I've lost the weight, but now I need energy. I'm tired a lot.

    Blessings. xox
    Windmills and Tulips

  4. Oh, I wish it were that easy for me... to just have it go away... just like that. Hopefully you can learn to appreciate your body and the fact that you did give birth to two beautiful children. We're not supposed to look 20 forever.... but I know what you mean.