Friday, March 12, 2010

to the Doctor we go...

so Maddie turned from bad to worse…she slowly declined throughout the night…her fever crept higher and higher…by 3:30 am she was in the bath tub and getting cooled down…she was at 102 and the bath brought it down a bit… for her to sleep until the morning…at 7 am her temp was at 104.2 degrees, throwing up and having loose poops…it was not good…taking her to the doctor earlier this week (Monday)…I knew there was a substitute for our regular pediatrician…she is not great…on Monday she offended me by asking me if I ever clean Maddie’s ears? I do but I never stick anything in them...our regular pediatrician told me to leave them alone…and I have…so today she cleaned them with a tool…that she could have used Monday if they were so bad! and found they were a little red…and that her tonsils were bright red with puss pockets on them…yesterday I took her to the same sub-doctor for her to check and see if Maddie’s mouth had thrush again…because there was an odor…she had stopped eating and her tongue was white…so trip number three to the doctor this week…we are hopefully on the mend…Maddie’s culture came back negative for strep…so they think it is tonsillitis and a slight ear infection…last night she was moaning and crying all night…and by 3pm today she is jumping in her jumper…I am hoping this is a great sign! Maddox is so strong and nice…she was smiles for the doctor even though she had a 103 fever…she smiled at her when she was sticking a thermometer up her bum bum , digging in her ear and sticking stix in her mouth…Maddie is just cool…she is my rockstar…the doctor really needs to work on her bedside manner…she turned to me and said you know this is typical for “Downs Kids”…I just responded lets just treat the symptoms not Maddie’s ENHANCEMENT!

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  1. Good Answer! We shouldn't let anyone to label our kids. They are just kids regardless the syndrome. They are unique as everybody else. I hope Maddie is feeling better. I used to get very sick when I was a child because of the tonsils. I understand how she should feel. By the way, I love the new style of your blog. It is so pretty! I want to change mine but I don't know how.