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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Good Decision!

yesterday I met someone my NEW case worker for the Children’s waiver program…and I love him we will call him P!…P is really GoOD for me…and my negative view of Down Syndrome…I have always seen it has a hardship, an inconvenience, and just not positive…but he celebrates people with Down Syndrome and disabilities…he even has a 14 year old son with Down Syndrome! P explained to me about Maddie’s potential future…that he can help guide us through…we talked about her starting school and our options…we talked about her living on her own if she wishes to do so…yesterday he gave me hope…and that is what I needed for yesterday! Maddie is doing can I say FaNTAsTic! She is laughing and smiling…and coughing for attention…and sitting up for LOOOONG periods of time…and eating! HuGE news she cut a tooth…it is very cute and the tooth is white! for some reason I thought it would be black or green…I am not sure why I thought that! Maddie is also leaning to find us and getting our attention…very funny suddenly she will go sideways as if to say…HERE I AM!

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  1. Congratulations! You NEEDED P in your everyday life, Kimberly. Talk to him, and use his experience to help yourself navigate through all your feelings! This is such a wonderful post -- you made my day!

    Maddie sounds so delightful! I miss Gabe's baby days SO much and when I see Maddie's pics, it just makes me wish those days right back!

    I chuckled over your idea of Maddie's first tooth. I read when I was pregnant with Gabe that there is a likelihood of malformed teeth coming in for babies and children with Down syndrome. I was scared. I didn't know exactly what to expect. And then he got his first fabulous, gorgeous, perfect little tooth and it was just another big indicator of my kid is more typical than not!

    Anyway, congratulations on today's news. I'm so very happy for you and for Maddie!♥