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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

just luvin...

we are very excited for Easter…a friend does a GREAT egg hunt…and I am in the hunt for a CuTE hat for Maddie…this week has been weird for me…it is like I am falling in love with her all over again…and I am really relishing it…this morning I steady through a tough moment…of wanting to make everything better…with this strong emotion I feel for her…I feel I need to protect her from the ugly-s of the world…she is approaching her one year birthday…I still cannot believe I have a child with Down Syndrome…but I can believe I have a daughter…she is so interesting right now…she is so curious and naughty…if she sees Max is reading a book she has read it with him! the other day Chad and Max were building dominos….she wiggle right down to the floor, rolled to where they were…and timber! it made me smile to see the smirk after she was done…I think Max has a long road ahead of him!


  1. Sweet! Sounds like Chad and Max are in for some fun. :-)

  2. Love it:) Sounds like you have a Queen B on your hands! Tell those boys of yours to hold on tight!!!