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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

should I dump her?

what to do?? so many things unknown…and I am not sure if I should change case workers…here is the deal in Wyoming we have what is called the waiver program…this is state funding that helps accommodate special needs people…we REALLY want to get on this program…but you have to be qualified…Maddie had to see a psychologist that labeled her MR…and now she has to be observed and picked apart by people from the state…then they get to decide if she is “needy” enough…I KNOW the payoff far out ways all the work and labeling…but I am not sure if this case worker is really working for Maddie…she is very soft spoken and does not call and let me know things...she does not call to see how we are doing or giving me updates…I like to know where we are in the process of getting Maddie qualified and how long the waiting list is…she allowed the psychologist to take 6 months to get his paper work in and he was the FIRST step in this process…so do I give her time…or do I jump ship…


  1. It was an annoying process to get into the waiver program, and in NY if you are in EI, you can only see the medicaid case worker every six months. I think it is worth getting into, even though you have to jump through a few hoops, because there may be things it can help you with in the future.

  2. Sounds frustrating... wish I could help. I love your new background and the photo of her spikey bath hairdo is too cute.