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Sunday, March 21, 2010

I am ok...

I know this may not be a big thing to most…but I have been in hiding since the diagnosis of Maddie…what I am talking about is…I posted on Facebook…I do not post often…and I get all nervous and stuff…but today I thought I needed to do it…I needed to declare I have a child with Down Syndrome…and I am not ashamed…I am not embarrassed…that meiosis happened…I am going to celebrate that I am one of the few around the world that help create a child with Down Syndrome...last night watching some reality TV someone said…”most people live in other peoples lives” this hit me like a ton of bricks…this is me…and lets face it I need to stop it! I want to be in the presence of my family and my life…it is a great life with smiles, laughs, and fulfillment…Happy World Down Syndrome Day...


  1. I know how you feel. I did the same thing today, I posted on Facebook without blocking anyone. We ARE happy and it's ok to tell the world if we want to.

  2. Happy WDSD to you, too! Maddie is just gorgeous, btw! And you're perfectly okay to feel how you do, or how you did. It's very normal. The fact that you're blogging about it and posting on FB is fabulous! And I love those wise words about how most people live in other people's lives. So very true.

  3. I am so glad you feel like that because you are wonderfu1! And you and your perfect family have much to offer the irreverent, imperfect world.

  4. OMG, three huge cheers for you!!!

  5. I was in "that place" too at one time. I love reading your journey along the way. Happy for you!