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Monday, January 18, 2010

Poop Training :(

I am not sure if Maximus will ever poop in the potty…I am slowly losing hope…he is SO strong willed…he sat on the toilet for 4 hours! Yes 4 hours…waiting for him to poop…he ate dinner on the toilet…hoping to have pressure gradient work…at 2:00 pm in the afternoon Sunday he asked for a diaper to poop…he only wears a diaper to poop…not at night…not on long trips…never…just to poop…so Chad decided this was the day he poops in the potty…he choose to take a nap instead of pooping in the potty…he slept then awoke and asked for the diaper again…we said no…and explained the plan of him pooping in the potty…when we finally convinced him to sit on the potty…there was tears, yelling, screaming, laughing and well him winning…he sat there…and about 2.5 hours in he said...you know what mommy this is fun sitting on the potty…we are reading books, talking, eating, and drinking choco milk! I am still not going to poop mommy! Chad and I took turns sitting with him…encouraging him…and getting frustrated and slowly realizing we were not going to win this battle…so it was 10 pm last night and Maddie was out of sorts and out of her routine…Maximus had all the reasons in the world why he would not poop in the potty…he would say I want my poopie to be sad, my poop is telling me it wants to stay in my butt, my poop is scared to go into the toilet….but I think the kicker was when he said that there was a carnival in his butt and that the poop was going down the roller coaster…but the poop was still not coming out! so I went to bed, Max went to bed…and he finally got a diaper around midnight…so now the plan is him to sit on the potty and get comfortable with out the stress for him…and us…again we failed…so I can hear my brother saying….who are the parents?

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  1. Is he sitting on a kid potty or on the big potty? Ok, this is gross but maybe you can start with letting him dump his poop from his diaper into the potty to see where it goes and how it flushes and that it doesn't hurt.

    My first boy was a nightmare to train. He almost 4. I finally used straight up bribery and he ended up with his first bazooka gun.

    Btw, I love the pic of Maddie in the salad bowl. She is getting big, and cuter every day!