Friday, January 8, 2010


To be a mother of a 4 year old is an experience…I am not sure that I can get surprised or shocked anymore...but I think my kid is truly CRAZY!!! just think I helped make him this way and have encouraged it for years…because ….well he is so CuTe!! this morning when he was waking up talking to himself he was having a BiG conversation about dinosaurs...not to unusual…it usually that or northern pike fish stories…I went in to say good morning and remind him to pee…he said I will not be peeing in the potty I am a oviraptor! and they pee the bed…I thought he was joking…and said ok oviraptor…I went back in to check on him and he said his hand smelled like pee and giggled...I ask him… did you peee…YEP! I am oviraptor…jumped out of bed and went running! to be a mom! at least Maddie still thinks he is cUtE!

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