Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Maddox and eating....

to feed Maddie is an experience to say the least…you would think after 4 months...we would have it down…Maddie has discovered that she controls what she eats, when she eats and how she eats…she will block the food with her tongue…then decides if she likes it…then opens her mouth and somehow separates the veggies from the cereal and spits the cereal out…she actually thinks she is dying if I try to give her any kind of fruit…she gags and yells like she is choking…if she was not sooo funny and cute…I am not sure she would still be with us!! tonight while eating dinner between pea filled raspberries and flat out sticking her tongue out and spitting…her personality started to show through! and it was a sneak peek of just how naughty she is…she started whining and throwing herself back and trying to get Maximus’s attention…it worked…he ended up entertaining her through the feeding with laughs, kisses, and funny faces….he does not mind the spitting or the mess…it was neat to see them together…he loves her with every fiber of his being and she loves him more then anything…it was a perfect mess!

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  1. Funny how kids are so in tuned with one another! I wish Gabe had a sibling so much!