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Monday, March 14, 2011


Maddie and stinker go hand in hand…and can I say I am so VERY proud of her for being a stinker…I am not sure why but when I got the diagnosis…I thought there goes every idea I have about little kiddos…Maximus is and was a hand full…I am not exaggerating at all…he is the kid that makes you not want to have more kids…he is high energy, loud, smart, and not a sleeper….he has called 911, broke our flat screen TV…and he is the kid that throws a fit in any store or restaurant…and he remembers everything…so do not say something if you do not mean it…Maddie has been up to this point very mild temper…she sleeps through the night as long as I can remember…she did not fuss or cry…she was just perfect…then one day she seemed to have found her voice…and a very inquisitive nature…if she is not trying to get through the patio door to go outside she is in the toilet…she screams when she is happy, sad or mad…she has found that her voice gets her results…she tries to escape out of EVERY buckled seating tool…,,grocery carts, car seats, high chairs…you name it she is working on wiggling out…Maddie is a stinker…I think a stinker makes you smile, makes you happy…for me it is relief that she is stinking the place up!


  1. Ha, too cute! I love stinkers too, I've got one right here!

  2. Landon was and is pretty mild mannered and even tempered so when we had Sutter and got his diagnosis I automatically assumed he would be even more mellow than his brother...you know what they say about making assumptions! Sutter is WILD, some days I'm thankful for the Ds because I can't even imagine how busy I'd be he was already running all over the house and into even more trouble than he is now.

    I love that Maddie is a stinker and that it makes you smile! Sutter tried climbing out of the target cart onto the conveyor belt this morning and my first thought is "I wish I had my camera"...I love crazy side too! :)

  3. Oh Arina and her could cause some major damage! She is such a stinker! She HATES her carseat, and can squirm her way out of any chair! Don't give her what she wants, and she'll let you have it!

  4. LOL...Loved how you described Max...I always say if Jordy had been born FIRST in our house she would have been an only child!!
    Everytime you describe Maddie's personality I laugh, she just sounds so funny, and busy, and bossy, and sassy...She could be a daughter of mine!! Haha

  5. Stinkers rock!!! ♥