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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today…living in the now…this is a great theory of optimism when having a child with unknown health issues…unknown future…etc…so I stay in the day to day…it is my happy place…but then things hit me…like teaching a 11 month old in five minutes to suck out of a straw…something it took Maddie months to do…I am not sad...just amazed at Maddie…little thing like that remind me of how hard she has to work…how I fail to understand her needs…because of my impatience…example walking…she has taken 3 steps…she is still at 3 steps…it has been 2 weeks…and she does not seem to get any where…but we still scream like it is her first 3 steps…still I get a rush about the steps...because I know that Maddie is getting stronger everyday…even if it is like watching a flower grow…or a sloth move…we are taking it slowly, slowly, slowly!


  1. She WILL get it, but your right it will take time! I watched Sutter rock back and forth on his hands and knees for months and each time I would say "one of these days he's just going to go" and wouldn't you know one day he just crawled across the room...no prompting, no encouragement, he just went and all of those months of waiting just disappeared!

    Keep cheering because even if it takes a couple of months she will do it!!! :)

  2. Well, I definatly know how you feel! I have been watching Russell up on his hands and knees for months now...Our kids really do take their time dont they, lol...Cant wait to see that first video of Maddie walking, it will be so exciting...And it will be soon :)

  3. Hang in there! Been there...and continue to as the skills just change as they get older! Just when you feel like it is never going to happen, they do it!!! But, it truly makes each accomplishment they do that much sweeter! :)

  4. Those milestones can take time! And I understand the frustration too. I just hold on to HOW EXCITED we will be when she does get it.